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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Dad and I loved having almost all of the family here for Thanksgiving. (Nate and Gwendolyn and Sinjin had their turkey in California). We finished the new playroom just in the nick of time and enjoyed watching the other 39 grandchildren use the new facility. All are now back home. Maria and Jason had the most harrowing return trip. They were booked on a flight that should have taken them back to Springfield on Monday morning. After arising with the four kids and a pregnant Maria at 4 AM, the flight closed while they were still in line. The airline was a small one and their next flight out of Las Vegas wasn't until Friday. After the hassle of finding a lost bag and renting another car, the Eckersleys pulled out of Vegas and headed for home via the Grand Canyon route. They finally arrived home at 1:30 AM on Wednesday after a 25 hour road trip with no DVD players! We love you all!

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Sarah's Project said...

That is plain horendous Mom! I had no idea it such drama to get home for them. I'm so happy to see your blog update! Keep it up even if you have to take pictures of Dad golfing or something!